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Alcohol free wine

Carl Jung Winery was founded in 1868 and the world's first winery created and patented the method of deal alcoholization of wine in 1908. The Carl Jung Method, for which the company holds three patents, is still unsurpassed to this day. The alcohol is extracted from the wine at extremely low pressure and temperature of 29 ° C. The natural aromas of the wine, which are released during the distillation, are introduced back, leaving the bouquet of wine ingredients almost completely intact. The composition of the wine thus obtained includes only non-alcoholic wine without added grape juice and artificial aromas. Guaranteed German quality for 112 years. and 5th generation Carl Jung. The company's products, which have been in the hands of families for more than five generations, are sold in more than 30 different countries around the world. SHIRAZ DESCRIPTION Saturated red wine with aromatic notes of chocolate and a well-balanced tannin structure. Shira goes well with pasta and roasted white and red meats. COMPOSITION: Non-alcoholic wine, sugar, carbon dioxide, preservatives (sulphites) per 100 ml - Calories 71 KJ / 17 kcal, sugar 3.5 g, salt <0.1 g, alcohol <0.5% vol. WHY DRINK NON-ALCOHOLIC WINE? It contains about 17 calories per 100ml (several times less than ordinary wine) and less than 0.5% vol. In addition to the obvious benefits associated with low calories, it is also in the case of medication, driving, work, sunbathing, pregnancy and leading a healthy lifestyle with moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages and alternating with soft drinks. The wine is an authentic wine and produced under a patent with a guarantee of German quality and traditions. For the good taste of the non-alcoholic wine, the grape variety and the production technology are important, which determines whether it will be only a de-alcoholized wine as a composition or not. The composition of the wine must be indicated on the label and if it is not indicated, but it says a drink based on non-alcoholic wine, it is now completely certain that in addition to non-alcoholic wine there is an added percentage of grape juice. CONSUMPTION TEMPERATURE: 6-8 ° CConsume in moderation!








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