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News2015 • Greek cookies
Greek cookies

Greek cookies

Our new addition to the menu are incredibly delicious Christmas cookies, without which Greek Christmas is impossible. The coming of Christmas in Greece is recognized not only by the decoration in homes and on the streets, it smells of honey and cinnamon is sprinkled with soft white powdered sugar. These are the main ingredients of the two types of sweet, without which Christmas is not Christmas - cookies and melomakarona. Today I will tell you more about the origin of Greek cookies. The origin of the cookies from neighboring Turkey, as shown by their very name kurabiye. However, the most likely homeland of cookies is the Middle East, where today there are many like them sweet. Kurabiye their Turkish name translates as "dry biscuit", to which were subsequently added almonds, walnuts and copious amounts of powdered sugar as they look today invariably associated with Christmas sweets.

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